Thursday, November 1, 2012

Unit Link Insurance

Unit link is a kind of life insurance that has two pouches; it can be a pouch for protection and sac investment. Money the premium paid partly used to pay protection and partly placed on the funds in the unit link.

Policy holders will be asked to select in which will be placed its investments, whether in stock mutual funds, mutual funds, fixed income, mutual funds or money market.

A unit of link closely related to the capital market. This product is quite complex and cannot easily understood. Unfortunately, many insurance agents that are less describe exactly regarding these products. When the stock market dropped, the value of the unit link also is going down. It is often projection given missed from reality.

\On some insurance company that sells products unit a link, there is also company that does not give in detail on the performance of the unit’s link from the moon to the moon. Let alone performance, a unit of links are placed on the stocks what course, many clients who do not get information about this. Indeed, there have been some insurance companies, which contain the performance of units link in its site so can be easily accessed by customers.

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